My first blog post…What is an ICT?

Here it goes, my very first official blog post. Before writing this I had just completed the “Is this an ICT?” quiz which was on Studydesk for the EDC3100 course. Going into the quiz I thought I knew a fair bit about ICTs. It’s anything electronic right? Wrong. It’s anything with a processing system right? Wrong. It turns out I didn’t realise the difference between analog devices and actual ICT devices. Am I even making sense right now? Anyway, I got 6/10 right.

The first picture was of a light bulb. I thought that this one was obvious, it’s just a light bulb, that’s not an ICT. I probably should have read more closely. Turns out it was a “smart” light bulb. Who knew they even existed. I knew about power saving light bulbs but not smart ones. What makes them smarter than a normal light bulb? The mini blurb says that they can be controlled by software; but what I don’t understand is, why would you ever need to control a light bulb with anything else other than an on/off switch. Anyway, I might look into that one and get back to you. The second picture was of something I didn’t recognise, maybe it’s not from my generation, but I selected that it was not an ICT and this was correct. It turns out to have been an old style microscope; I have only ever used the digital ones throughout my schooling. The third picture was of an overhead projector; instantly I selected that it was indeed an ICT. Wrong. I grew up with these being used in the classroom and totally thought it was an ICT. It turns out it’s another analog device which relies solely on light to project onto the wall; it’s not like the digital projectors we see in classrooms today. Oh well, another learning curve. The next picture was of a Smart TV, I knew this one straight away by the application icons displayed on the TV screen. The next picture was of something I thought was a compass but is of an old style barometer, don’t ask me what that is because I have no clue. Anyway I selected that it was not an ICT and I was correct. The next one confused me a little, it was of a laminator and I honestly thought that was an ICT. Wrong. I guess now that I think about it, it probably isn’t but I thought it was originally because it would have some sort of processing system and plugs into a power-point. The Mac laptop picture went without saying. The next one was a bit tricky, it looked a bit like a toy and is called a ‘Beebot’ which is apparently used in early childhood settings. Who knows what it does but I selected that it was an ICT and I was correct; although I did completely guess that one. There was then a picture of a digital weather station and as I have one of these at home I knew it was an ICT. The final picture was of an old style television. I wasn’t sure about this and I selected that it was an ICT but once again I got mixed up with the whole analog thing.

Anyway, in the end I found this little quiz quite insightful and I learnt from my original misconceptions. Hopefully the further along I get into this course, the more misconceptions about ICT I have are dealt with.

Until next time,

Kate 🙂


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