ICT & Me

Whilst completing my concept map I found it quite interesting that all of the aspects that I understood of ICT all linked together. As I develop my ICT knowledge, more things will be added. New-Mind-Map


2 thoughts on “ICT & Me

  1. Hi Kate,
    You make an extremely relevant point about all aspects of ICT are linked together. Your ideology forced me to reflect on my own mind map and I came to the realisation that ICT’s are linked to life through a common portal, whereby they are an essential element to existing and participating in the 21st century. Doesn’t matter if it’s for education, employment, socialising or communicating, whether we like it or not ICT’s consume a large portion of our life’s learnings and pathways and its extremely important that we all get on board if we don’t want to be left behind.


    1. Hi Waduda,
      I agree 100% that ICT is essential for simply living and existing in this generation. It’s quite incredible isn’t it. When you say we don’t want to get left behind, this is extremely relevant and got me thinking about our older generations or grandparents. Most grandparents (unless they’re with the times) don’t use computers, smart phones or any real ICT’s other than maybe a TV and they seem to get by okay. So yes, ICT does seem to be essential to life in the 21st century, but maybe its just a perception we have all gained from growing up with technology and never really being without it. That’s the difference between us and out grandparents. They have lived through a time where these modern ICT’s did not exist and therefore know how to manage life without them. I guess it’s a wake up call moment for us younger generations.


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