New chapters make new technology experiences…

Whether or not you want to hear about my life recently, that’s up to you. But something that happened this week made me realise how much ICT is actually used in organising events.

My Oma (dutch for grandma) passed away and thus called for funeral organisation. As the granddaughter and therefore the most “knowledgeable” on technology, I was in charge or making the funeral booklets, typing the eulogy, creating a powerpoint presentation and transferring a song from a DVD onto a USB stick. Doing all of this pushed back my assignments a little bit, but I wanted to make sure everything was perfect for the funeral.

Making all of these things lead to knew knowledge and experiences with technology. The funeral booklets took a fair bit of time because I was not so familiar with Microsoft Publisher. I had to teach myself how to make a booklet out of an A4 page, back to back. It was a bit hit and miss and lets just say there were a few trial runs with the printer. The other thing was the PowerPoint. Obviously I have created many PowerPoint’s in my time but never before have I had to transfer it into an mp4 format. So once again I was spending time teaching myself how to “publish” and PowerPoint presentation to turn it into a PowerPoint show, then having it in Windows movie maker, then adding music to go along with the video, and then finally saving the video and changing the format so that it works at the funeral. The relief I had when I went into the chapel and saw my video up on the screen all up and working was hilarious. I couldn’t sleep the night before purely because I was worried about ICT’s going wrong. The other thing I really found challenging was that my mum decided she wanted to play a special song that Oma liked at the end of the service. The only problem was that the funeral place could only take files on USB. It was even harder that it was a DVD and not a CD and that my mum only wanted to play the audio. So I had to change the DVD clip from a mp4 file to a mp3 file which took way too much trial and error that was needed, then putting it onto a USB. *sigh*

Anyway, what my point is, is that after all this, it made me realise how much I actually don’t know about technology. The whole reason why I volunteered to do all of that stuff was because I thought I knew a fair amount about ICT’s. It also made me realise that this sort of thing is what my everyday teaching life will be, instead of an “event” it will be a lesson I am preparing for and once again I will have sleepless nights worrying about what will and will not work in the classroom.

Until next time,



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