Stressed [Image]. (2017). Retrieved from 

I’m guessing from the title, you may already know what this post will be about. In less than 2 weeks time I am due to start my practicum for this course. Due to this, I have been desperately trying to get 5 different assignments done before I commence. Whether this will actually happen or not I have no clue, but I’m going to try! Luckily for this subject at least I have done the majority of my website and am heading down the road towards submission. My other subjects on the other hand.. well they have been a little bit neglected. I still have no idea where I am going to be placed for prac and as you can probably guess that is another reason why I’m stressed. I like to be organised for my pracs and make every effort to impress my mentor. Unfortunately if I don’t find out where I am placed early enough I won’t have a chance to meet my class or mentor and organise everything before hand which is what happened on my last prac. Last prac it all turned out fine but it just set back my lesson planning and being able to provide all the required documents to my mentor. We will see how everything goes, and trust me you will be hearing from me about whether or not I get placed and my assignments done on time!


Bye for now,

A very stressed Kate.


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