Well that’s one thing off of my mind…

I’ve been placed! Woohoo! I was placed on Tuesday and was so glad when I found out as it was an almighty 5 days in advance! Last prac I didn’t find out until the night before. As you can imagine I contacted my mentor straight away and organised to meet her in 2 days time. Well today was that day and I met her and the students. She seems nice so far and very organised. She already had the timetable planned with every lesson I was going to teach. This meant that as soon as I got home I could start planning. Extra bonus points that my school is reasonably nearby (20 minutes) and that I am doing an older grade (year 2) as previously I have done year 1, prep and kindergarten. I guess you can tell that I am specializing in Early Childhood. I had a heap of questions lined up for her but she literally answered them all without me even needing to ask! She already knew about the ICT requirements and teaching load I am supposed to do so there was nothing I really needed to tell her. She already had the ICT statement and mentor feedback forms printed so I didn’t even need to give her those. It’s great having an organised mentor! She put all of the files I may need onto my USB also for me to look through. This included the class roll, any WALT/WILF powerpoints, soundwaves logins, homework sheets and more which will really help with my planning. The students seem lovely too however I am a bit worried after finding out that there are 8 students with ASD, 3 at prep level, 4 at year 1 level and 3 with behaviour problems! I feel this prac may be a bit of a challenge but I know I will learn a lot!

Until next time,



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