First week of prac

Well I have just finished my first week of prac. To say that I am exhausted is an understatement. On Monday I had the opportunity to observe maths, guided reading groups, writing, a spelling pre-test and soundwaves. By observing these on Monday I was able to have a bit of a gist of what they do during these lessons before I taught them myself. On Tuesday I taught maths and writing. I taught them how to write a persuasive text and how to plan it. I have never taught writing before but it wasn’t overly hard. Maths went overtime, I guess I was so nervous in trying to get everything covered they didn’t have a chance to go and apply this knowledge in their books. Lesson learned; keep an eye on the time. On Wednesday I taught and utilised soundwaves for the first time; ran guided reading groups and taught handwriting. Soundwaves was fun, I like the program and it is very much used throughout the school I am at. They even sing the soundwaves song at each assembly. Guided reading groups were not good. I have run individual groups before but not sorted out the whole class and where they were going. The lesson I observed on Monday had teacher aides at each group doing their own thing so I was under the impression that I just had to run my own group. Turns out there were no teacher aides during Wednesday reading groups and I had no idea where each group went or what they were doing from the timetable. Deep breath, lesson learned.  Thursday, maths and reading groups again. For maths I had to introduce chunking and partitioning written strategies. I had to teach my self how to do this first before teaching it. It went well but I need to work on my differentiation. Guided reading groups were better, thankfully. Friday, again I taught maths and had a go at doing the spelling post-test. I also made and ICT science presentation which showed the students how to present in front of a class and what to include in their PowerPoint presentations. I am very exhausted and hoping week 2 of prac is a bit better than this week. I am drowning in assignments and still very stressed. As my mentor requires me to do my lesson plans 2 days ahead of time, I have had to do 6 lesson plans in one night a couple of times whilst trying to juggle those 4 assignments. I hope I get them done.

Bye for now,



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