2nd week of prac

Oh boy, what a week. I am really struggling to incorporate ICT’s into my lessons and get my 5 ICT lessons done. I have done 2 so far, soundwaves and my ICT science presentation. It’s really hard when as a student you don’t have access to the school’s internet, there’s no interactive white board, only 7 iPads and no computers. I’ve thought about making other PowerPoint’s but my mentor wants ICT’s that specifically enhance student’s learning. I have thought about rotations and having one rotation using the iPad’s as well but I’m not sure what I will get them to do on them. This prac has really opened my eyes about how hard it is to incorporate ICT’s in an enhancing way not just a simple PowerPoint with the WALT and WILF for example. This week I have taught for 2/3’s of the day which is the most I have ever taught and I have been dying in lesson plans with 4 lesson plans per day! And since my mentor wants those 2 days ahead, some days it has been 8 lesson plans per day! I’m now sitting here, with 5-7 days until my 4 assignments are due, wondering how on earth I am going to get it all done this weekend, along with lesson plans for next week. This has by far been the hardest semester so far and I have never looked forward to a semester break so much!

Bye for now,



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