PowerPoints, PowerPoints, PowerPoints!

Throughout my prac, as stated in a previous blog, I have been struggling to find ICT’s to incorporate into my lessons. As regular PowerPoints don’t really enhance learning, I have created PowerPoints that have more than just visuals. I have embedded games and other learning resources into them. This way I am using my own computer, no need for internet, and no need for an IWB. I wanted to try and incorporate cameras or other ICT’s into my lessons but it has just been so hard. I need to get these ICT lessons done but I just don’t know how!

For my third week of prac, I have incorporated/planned a range of online games into some of my maths lessons and am going to attempt to use the interactive pen my school has to turn the regular white board into an interactive one. Hopefully all of my ICT’s work as I am definitely going out of my comfort zone with them this week.

Until next time,



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