That’s a wrap!

I commence my final week of prac tomorrow which also means I commence my final week of Semester 1. It has been great learning about the large variety of aspects in this course, especially learning about what ICT’s actually transform learning.

Before enrolling in this course, I would have always assumed that incorporating ICT’s would just be putting up a PowerPoint on the screen. After reflecting on the RAT framework I now know how wrong I was and what incorporating ICT’s really means for the classroom. After being on prac I have observed a range of ways that the school uses technology, whether that be marking the roll digitally, or using iPads or an interactive whiteboard. I have come out of this course much more knowledgeable about great apps and online teaching resources that can be used, along with what actually counts as an ICT. At the beginning of the course when I took the “Is this an ICT?” quiz, I was immensely surprised by the things that actually count as an ICT (smart light bulbs??) and what doesn’t. I guess I instantly assumed that an ICT is a computer or a smart phone.

I have learned a lot from interacting with my EDC3100 peers online, whether that be sharing links with each other or collaborating over our assignments, I sincerely cannot thank them enough for the support and online interaction we have had for this course this semester.

As for the assignments, as much as they were infuriating at times they were still the most engaging and interesting assignments I have probably ever done. The creation of my learning experiences and website and this blog brought out the creative teacher side to me which was a nice break from the academic uni student side to me.

While on the topic of this blog, I probably won’t be updating it further from here but it was a great learning experience.

This is Kate signing off.



4 thoughts on “That’s a wrap!

  1. Hite Kate,

    I agree, my initial thought on this course would be the same old use of Information Communication and Technology (ICT), with each assessment piece using some form of powerpoint or movie maker. But this course has most certainly enhanced my ICT skills and opened my eyes to different ways to incorporate ICT into the classroom and my everyday life. What interesting was the blog post on our mind map on how ICT is incorporated into our everyday life. I was blown away by how much ICT runs our lives, gives food for thought on areas to cut down or where it is needed. Glad your experience has been great and also have learnt some valuable skills you can take with you into your future classroom.


    1. Thanks Jacinta,

      The mind map definitely provided food for thought for me as well! I didn’t realise how much I truly do rely on ICT’s in everything that I do. Whether that’s work, uni, home and wherever I go. I mean, my phone is the last thing I look at before I go to sleep and the first thing I look at when I wake up. Now that’s a problem, but would I have it any other way? Probably not.

      Wishing you the best.


  2. Hi Kate,
    I can resonate with many of your comments. I too overall enjoyed this subject and my learning has also been transformed. My husband is a IT consultant and I have stopped asking him for help with my website and have done it myself! 🙂
    Who would have thought, not me. I have also been networking with my son’s teachers to gain another perspective and ICY plays a big role at their school. Being a BYOD school my grade 5 boys is currently using the app block craft 3D to recreate the scene of the Eureka stockade. He’s more engaged than I’ve seen him in a long time with his learning.
    Anyway, good luck this week and into your teaching future.


    1. Wow, what an interesting way for your son to learn! Personally, I don’t think I would have ever been able to come up with that idea myself! As much as my learning has been transformed, I do still think I am a little scared to be completely adventurous with ICT’s as I have found on my prac. I have managed to find a range of apps and online resources that I am comfortable with, but have caught myself too many times finding an engaging ICT activity but not using it because I’m not confident in using it myself! Oops did I say that out loud?!

      Good luck back at you Natt.

      – Kate


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